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Post  Oshada on 2014-08-02, 8:45 pm

Hope, a four letter word
but with great depth
as regardless of the situation
hope never dies
hope helps one sail through
the ups and downs of life
Hope helps one pass the
the difficult phase in style

It is hope setting high goals
also, it is hope motivating to work hard
still, it is hope achieving those goals
and yet, it is hope hungry for more

scoring good marks is hope for a child
being appreciated is hope for an adolescent
to see their child on top is hope for parents
to live a few more days is hope for an old person
to be loved back is hope for a lover
to maintain a lifelong friendship is hope for a friend

without hope, life would be futile
without hope, world would be meaningless
without hope, promises would be hollow
there is life
because there is hope
just a four letter word
but with great great depth
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to roh aiya

Post  danuka on 2014-08-02, 8:55 pm

nice aiye,thanks,
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Re: Hope

Post  thavisha on 2014-08-02, 10:30 pm

pride  pride

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Re: Hope

Post  සහන් on 2014-08-03, 7:06 am

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Re: Hope

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