Is It Big Enough?

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Is It Big Enough?

Post  GetReal Forum on 2013-04-01, 10:22 pm

Why are we obsessed with our penis?
Almost half the people in the world (47% are men) have a penis. Ancient civilizations hailed it as a gift from the gods. It was believed that all life sprung from its mighty power and that no household could survive without one. In China today, where each family is allowed only one child, newborn boys are highly preferred over girls.

Penis size has always been a sensitive issue to men in general and gay men in particular. Men are always worrying about their penis size and if they are "too small". The internet and some magazines are full of ads that cater to this worry by promising to increase your penis size. More about these ads later.

To the average male, his penis is, consciously or sub-consciously, one of the most important things in the world to him, bar none. From the time he first discovers it as a young child, it continues to fascinate him. But then worry sets in; look at his big brother's; look at dad's, look at the guys in the changing room at the swimming pool. Will mine ever be that big? And he carries that notion with him perhaps forever –always wondering if it's big enough and always wishing it were bigger. Penis envy has set in. Remember that just as much as we are afraid we have small dicks, everyone else is too.

It's a very different story when you talk to most women. They find the male preoccupation with penis size amusing. However they know better than to say anything to a partner about having a small penis –even as a joke. This will turn a guy right off and he will worry about that comment for ages. Most women have long realized size was of little importance: it was all in how "a guy handled himself and how well he can use that thing".

How big should I be?

The size of your penis does not matter to most people - all sizes are normal. The average penis is five to seven inches (12.7 to 17.8 cm) long when erect (measured from the tip of the penis head to the abdomen) but the normal range is from 3.75" to 9". One survey of adult men produced the charts below:

Does the size of my soft penis tell how big my hard penis will be?

Your soft penis size is no indicator at all of your erect penis size. In some men their penis hardly changes size between soft (flaccid) and hard (erect) states. Other men may have fairly modest or small flaccid penis sizes but have a much larger erection. It is interesting to note that the size of the flaccid penis concerns men the most. They think that when other men see them in the showers, they will think they have a very small penis. Never assume a small soft penis will be a small hard penis. The opposite is often true. The average adult flaccid penis size is in the range 2.5 to 4.5 inches (6.0-11.0 cm)

What is the biggest penis ever measured?

Porn film star John C. Holmes had a penis 12" long erect and 8 1/2" long when limp. But even that is not the biggest penis ever measured on record. According to R. L. Dickenson's "Atlas of Human Sex Anatomy" the record erect penis is
13 1/2" long with a circumference of 6 1/4".

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