Karan and Sanj

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Karan and Sanj

Post  Sanketh on 2014-05-28, 5:02 pm

A Story of Two Boys Karan & Sanju Pleas Read & Enjoy A Love life of Two Boys...

My Self Karan:- I used to secretly love a Boy (Sanju) since I was 18 while he was 28 but I was scared to approach him, fearing that he might think wrong about me. He was with me in My Coaching classes & i used to stare him all the time in & after classes. (Feeling like love for him)

Some time i get noticed staring him continuously but I was in fear every time that wat will happen if he will come to know that i am attracted towards him.
it was a day i saw him sitting in a Canteen, he was having a coffee & reading some Book, I just sat on same bench in front of him, & started watching him.

That time i was so attracted towards him, feeling like to tell him that" I love you " But the fear of doing something that I would regret kept me quiet. Even i dint know is he straight or Gay. Or how will he react if he came to know that I am a Gay.
But boasting my self confidence i approached him & asked " Its Nice coffee na ??"
He looked into my eyes & Just smiled ( May be he knows that i am interested in conversation with him) , He didn't said a word & continued reading a book.

Me :- Did i disturbed you.....??
He Replied awesomely with a huge smile :- Yess.... but whats life without being disturbed by the right person...?
(I was shocked & Stunned what he replied) then I smiled tooo, (Just like he was waiting for me to start)
I felt very happy , In my Mind I was Planing to Introduce my self then, I will make him Good friend & and get him to know me and My liking's & if He understands my feelings, then that would be good enough and he will like me back.

But Before anything i start He started & asked, I saw u were staring me that day.Any specific reason ??
I got scared & Numb, said No...No ...No.. just like that, Just you look good in Red T shirt.He smiled & Laughed & said Only In Red ???
I got speechless & said no ...no.... U alwys u look Good
(He was very smart, he him self was coming to the point where i want to come)

Him:- U know I love to read Love stories, what u like to read ??
Me:- I love to read faces
Him:- Read me ??
Me :- Soon, You are going to be my Best friend :p( & laughed Just to make him comfortable that its a Joke )
Him:- Just best friends ??? ( with a huge smile)

Then From that day we started our friendship without knowing each other, with & with out fear we started involving through each other .
After 1 months into our new friendship...
1. He calls me if I forget to call him
2. He talks to me about his dreams, aspirations, work...
3. He asks me the same things in the hope to get to know me better

After 1 year of Friendship ...
1. He's the first one to wish me on my birthday and called me 5 times during the day to make me feel special
2. He goes out for a movie with me cancelling a large family get together
3. He stays up late at night with me Just to say that we will study together.

this way we moved ahead taking friendship & trust our first step of Relation. Even 2 years of our friendship we didnt Proposed each other because we both knows that we are well bonded know , Cant live a day without seeing each other.
At last one day I told him that I am a Gay & i want to live with you forever. But first tell me you are also a Gay ??
Him:- ( Hugged me) Dear i dont know the meaning of Gay or being a gay But one thing i know that i like you & love you as a person very much & ready to stay with you forever.That's when I knew even he felt the same way as I did.

5 years later.... It's been 7 years since we're happily living together , as a Living relationship Couple.
Moral :- Guys, Its not being a Gayism Or straightism in you, Its just about a feeling you have for someone, Its may be a Boy or a Girl, You can live happily & forever if your feelings are true & Honest. Guys, Its possible to have a long & true relation in Boys with boys But conditions is that way of your relationship should be from Friendship to True Love. Then Every thing is possible.
A Happy Married Copule ( Karan & Sanj )  rocksss  rocksss  rocksss 

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Re: Karan and Sanj

Post  thavisha on 2014-05-29, 12:24 am

super true my friend 

though its a small story it teaches us a good lesson too 

thnx for sharing it

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Re: Karan and Sanj

Post  Tharaka on 2014-05-29, 10:13 am

Really nice... Simple but meaningfull. pride  pride
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Re: Karan and Sanj

Post  rayya1 on 2015-10-15, 10:55 pm

My attention was taken by following phrases....

Dear i dont know the meaning of Gay or being a gay But one thing i know that i like you & love you as a person very much & ready to stay with you forever.That's when I knew even he felt the same way as I did.

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Re: Karan and Sanj

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