The Skinny

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The Skinny

Post  Gothama on 2013-09-21, 11:28 pm

Noah’s Arc creator Patrik-Ian Polk has returned with another sexy, funny, witty, dramatic and socially-aware ensemble piece, The Skinny. Revolving around a group of queer, black college friends who regularly reunite—Magnus (Jusie Smollett, of The Mighty Ducks fame), Sebastian (Blake Young-Fountain), Joey (Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman) and Langston (Shanika Warren-Markland)—The Skinny sees the pals convene in New York City for gay Pride weekend, during which their respective relationships and sex lives lead to challenging emotional crossroads, jaw-dropping revelations and at least one HIV/STD scare.

A wholly independent production through Polk’s Tall Skinny Black Boy production company, from conception to distribution, The Skinny also boasts an original soundtrack by Polk, who even provides the vocals (the synth-soaked ballad, “Sick,” smacks of '80s-era Prince’s best, with twisted romantic lyrics like, “I’m a sick bastard, and you’re a sick fuck, let’s be sick together, till we run out of luck”), and cameos by Punks’ Seth Gilliam and Noah’s Arc’s Darryl Stephens and Wilson Cruz.

While currently based in NYC, Polk returned to Los Angeles in March for the Outfest Fusion Film Festival, where he world premiered The Skinny and received the Fusion Achievement Award, which was presented by Precious director Lee Daniels. Here Polk talks about The Skinny, its planned continuation as a film series, Logo’s reported “de-gaying,” and … er, gravy.

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Re: The Skinny

Post  Siyapath on 2013-11-24, 8:47 am

thnx for the torrent.
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