What is Safer Sex?

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What is Safer Sex?

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What is Safer Sex?

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Safer sex refers to things we do to lower the chances of contracting a sexually transmitted infection during sex. Most health professionals don't use the term "safe sex" because, aside from not having sex, nothing will provide 100% protection from infections.

Here are some safer sex tips for people who choose to become sexually active:

Always use a lubricated condom for anal and oral sex.

Make sure the condom has not expired, and use a new one for every sex act.

Do not try to make your own condom out of a plastic bag or anything else not specifically designed for that purpose!

Use a dental dam or saran wrap when performing anal / oral contact.

Use latex or polyurethane gloves for hand / genital contact.

Some people who decide to have sex without a barrier try to avoid getting their partner's body fluids into their body. This is not a good idea, but it can help reduce your risk somewhat.If you don't have a barrier, your best bet is to hold off on any kind of sex play that can exchange body fluids, or which will put you in contact with a sore, wart or growth on your partner's genitals or mouth.

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