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Looking for my Soul Mate

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Looking for my Soul Mate

Post on 6th August 2017, 17:41

They say that between 18 to 29 are the best years of a guy’s life this is why it is called the roaring twenties. I am an average guy 25 years of age & gay and out. I am educated and believe a good education gives one a firm foundation to build on a successful life. I am quite matured in the ways of life and have gone through many experiences some good, some bad and some memorable. These experiences have been my textbooks that have thought me many things. I believe that God created individuals in a special way giving them their own identities and character. I make it a point never to find fault and blame others for mistakes & weaknesses cause mistakes are our tools to learn what is right and what is wrong. I too have made many mistakes and I will continue to do so but through these mistakes are lessons, which help me, better myself. I am peaceful I love nature and the good things in life. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am in search of a good trusting and honorable companion who will be my best friend and lover and who will be with me through thick and thin, the ups and downs, let’s together travel this journey and make the best of this beautiful life. Is there anyone out there willing to join me?

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