One I Remember

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One I Remember

Post  darknoon on 2015-12-24, 12:10 pm

That was when my world collapsed. That moment felt like eternity. She spoke again;

‘May I come in?’ she asked.

‘Oh sure, please do’ I said.

‘Don’t you want to offer us a seat’ she said.

‘Oh sure, please do take a seat’ I said. It took me a while to get back to my normal senses.

‘Are you surprised to see me?’ she asked.

‘I guess so’ I replied.

‘Let us talk like decent people here without getting lost in emotions and feelings’ she said.

I didn’t know what to say to her.

‘Do you have some cool drinks in your fridge? This little guy needs some refreshment’ she pointed to the boy. He was seated close to her looking at me with his big eyes. He got his father’s eyes.

‘Yes, how about a fruit drink’ I said.

‘That will do. Thanks’ she poured the drink into a glass and gave it to the boy.

‘His name is Arosh. Do you mind putting cartoon channel on TV?’ she said.

Arosh sat down to watch the cartoon channel. I was dreading about what was going to happen next.

‘Please sit down here Randika’ she asked me. Her voice was calm and she gave no hint as to her intentions.

‘What do you want from me?’ finally I asked her.

‘Actually I don’t need anything from you. In-fact you got nothing that I need. For months I was watching you and Danushka. You are from Kandy right?’ she said.

‘I grew up in Colombo. My father was from Kandy’ I said.

‘Well my family is from Kandy too. My father is well known lawyer and my mother owns a successful business in Kandy town’ she said.

‘Why are you telling this to me’ I asked her.

‘Because I like you to hear the whole story before you take a decision’ she said.

‘What decision?’ I asked.

‘Wait, you didn’t hear my story yet’ she was smiling.

‘Okay go on then, I am listening’ I said.

‘I noticed something important was happening with Danushka few months ago. He used to come home drunk most of the time and he was always angry with me and sometimes with Arosh.  All that changed suddenly and he seems happy after long time. I know all his previous adventures with guys but I didn’t care much. Before I got married to him, I had someone wonderful in my life. Unfortunately he was from low cast and not good enough for our family. My father threatened to harm him if I continued the affair. I don’t know how much you know about Danushka’s story. He was the eldest son of his family and a brilliant student at Kings Wood. He was an excellent sportsman as well as a studious student. Because of his achievements, everyone looked up to him. Can you imagine the stress he was under? He had no freedom to do what he wanted; instead it was all about fulfilling his family’s wishes. The day this marriage proposal came to my father; I cried the whole night. Both families are well known in Kandy and this was the fairytale wedding everyone expected, except two of us had nothing to do with it. I believe Danushka knew who he was. I on the other hand, still cannot forget my true lover. But both of us were helpless denying our parent’s wishes.   

The day we went on honeymoon, Danushka had one his so called ‘Friends’ drove the car. He spent the honeymoon night on his bed and I slept alone. After a year and so, parents from both sides started inquiring about a child. That is when we decided to get medical help and through A.I (artificial insemination) Arosh was born. That was the only way I could get pregnant.  I don’t want Arosh to grow up without a father and that is the only reason I am still with Danushka. I used to fight with him almost every day, but all that changed when Arosh was born. In him I see hope and future. So nowadays I just mind my own business. The only thing I could not tolerate was the days he came home drunk. Arosh was so afraid to go near him he slept under the bed. How can a mother see her child suffering like this? I wanted him to have the same childhood I had but I cannot do it when Danushka lost his senses.

What was I saying few months ago, suddenly Danushka stopped his drinking habits. Gone are his entourages of friends who visit him every now and then. He seems happy and for the first time I saw him playing with Arosh. I knew for sure that I was not the cause of his sudden change. We barely talk to each other. That is when I made some inquires and found about you. To be honest, I can’t blame Danushka for falling for someone like you. You are a very handsome and decent guy. He never had anyone like you in his life before.  That’s my story’ she took a deep breath.

‘Do you really love Danushka or it possible for one guy to love another?’ she asked.

‘I don’t know if I love him. But I feel great when he is around.  I certainly would have gone this far had I known he is married guy’ I said.

‘So what difference it makes?  He is married just on the paper. We are just running a fake  show to please our parents and friends’ she said.

‘But its different getting involve with a married guy’ I insisted.

‘Randika, you are so worried about what others think of what you are doing. If you do that  soon you will find yourself in my situation. Do what’s best for you and be happy’ she said.

‘Do you want to stay for lunch? I have some food in the fridge’ I said to her.

‘its alright. We should be going now. My mum and sister are coming to Colombo and I have to meet them at Bambalapitiya’ she said.

I gave Arosh few candies. He asked me to come to his place and so he could play with me. After they left, I sat down on the couch. I still couldn’t believe what just happened. Actually even if I knew he was married man, I would have still gone out with Danushka. I was losing my reason, I thought.  I heard phone buzzing. It was Danushka. He was saying he wanted to spend the night at my place. I replied.

‘Not today. Going home to see sister’ and that is what I did.
Part 12 next.
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