One I Remember

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One I Remember

Post  darknoon on 2015-12-24, 11:44 am

I was so busy with work and didn’t realize when weekend came.  Saturday, Jerome and I went to Galle-face green to get some fresh air. It was a crowded day. We found our friend Hemantha busy selling kadala.  We decided to sit on the grass near his stall and were served two packets of steaming kadala by a pretty girl.  She was wearing a veil to partially cover her face, a Muslim girl. We were wondering;

‘This is Rizna. She is my..’ Hemantha was too shy to complete the rest.

‘Oh I see’ Jerome said.

‘She looks very pretty’ I said.

‘Yes she is. But we have a problem with our affair. Her parents do not like our relationship because of my religion’ Hemantha said while serving kadala to someone.

‘What is she saying’ Jerome asked.

‘I want to be with Hemantha only’ she replied.

‘That means 99% of your problem is already solved Hemantha’ I told him.

‘Let’s hope so that’s the case. Her brother already threatened me ask me to leave her alone. I don’t want to upset her family also. Her brother and I grew up together and we went to same school. Our parents knew each other as well. But now things are not the same between our families’ he sounded sad.

‘Just don’t think about those things now. Enjoy you time with her and the rest will take care of itself’ Jerome sounded philosophical.

‘I have told her about you two’ Hemantha said.

‘What did actually Hemantha tell you Rizna’ Jerome asked her.

‘He said you two are different’ she said.

‘What does that mean.. Does it mean this?’ Jerome took my hand.

‘I have seen some guys in our area like you two. But they are not open as you are’ she said.

‘There must be thousands of guys and girls in Sri Lanka that are like us. But only few of them have the opportunity to express themselves’ Jerome said.

Three months passed and I was relieved to get my probation lifted. Actually Danushka seems happy that I joined his team.  I found a small apartment from Kirullapana area through Thiwanka’s contacts. Later Thiwanka told me that it was Danushka who hired him to this position.  I was working on a new project for last few days. This particular day, I was the only one left in the office. There is nothing much to do when I go to the apartment, so I decided to stay late and finish the work. Then I can relax during the weekends. Then I heard someone came into the office. It was Danushka.

‘Did you forget something’ I asked.

‘Actually yes, I left some files that I needed to review for tomorrow’s meeting’ he said.

‘Okay’ I said and went back to my room.

I needed to take a photocopy so I went to photocopy room. Its very small room barely enough for someone to move around. I was taking photocopy when I suddenly felt someone touching me behind. I turned around and it was Danushka.

‘What are…’ before I finished the sentence his pressed his lips on me. I felt a strange current running throughout my body. But for some odd reason I didn’t refuse him either. It didn’t last long and he came back to his senses.

‘I am sorry’ he said.

‘Think I should go to my apartment now. It’s already too late’ I left him in a hurry. He didn’t say anything.

Next few weeks were awkward. We both try to avoid each other as much as possible. It was not easy when you worked in the same office. Most of Danushka’s friends it seems are from military. Some came while on the uniform and others with civilian clothes. But I could see military vehicles park outside. Thiwanka told me that it’s his school buddies who played rugby with him.  I didn’t tell anyone what happened that day with Danushka. Not even Jerome. Deep inside me, I felt like wanting him more. Some days Thiwanka gets a ride from him. So Thiwanka must know him very well. But I was not ready to risk my job over my feelings, at least not yet.  I decided to play safe here. Whenever I decided to work late, I made I was not alone. It was Friday and just few people working late. When I left the office, it was just Danushka and Thiwanka still working. I said goodbye to both of them and left. Just when I pass ‘Thunmulla Junction’ I realized that I had left the apartment key on my table. I got off the bus and took the next bust towards Fort. When I came into the office from the staff entrance, it was dark inside. But I saw Danushka’s car outside. Where is this guy now, I wonder?  That’s when I heard the this.

‘Take it more’ I could recognize Danushka’s voice.

‘Its hurting, Danu’ Oh my..that is Thiwanka.

I was frozen. I have to get pass them to go to my room. But I didn’t want to put the lights on thinking what would I see. So I just stayed where I was and listened.

‘Hurting, when you sleep with my friends it doesn’t hurt, right’ Danushka said.

What is he saying? I wonder.

‘I sleep with your friends because you asked me Danu’ Thiwanka said.

‘So that’s your excuse. Open it up, otherwise it’s going to get lot worse’ Danushka said.

Next thing I heard was Thiwanka’s screaming. It lasted about five minutes. I covered myself behind the door and stood silently.

‘Go to my car and I will drop you off’ Danushka said.

Danushka went to the washroom and left the office. I could see both of them from window. Thiwanka was limping and he was clearly in pain. After they left, I went to my room. Next day I didn’t see Thiwanka in the office. Danushka was there and he was acting normally. I wanted to ask him about Thiwanka but decided not to. So I decided to send Thiwanka a text.

‘Hey Thiwanka, are you alright, you didn’t come to work today’ I sent the text.

‘I have fever’ he replied.

‘Get well soon’ I sent him a another text.

Next day Thiwanka came to office and he was still limping. He seems to be with himself that day so I didn’t ask him anything about last night. I know what happened that night, so what is there to ask anyways. Thiwanka left early that day and it was just me, Danushka and few others, working late. When everyone else left, it was just me and Danushka. I wanted to leave as well but decided to stay. I have to face this demon. I knew it was only matter of time he approach me. I was working in my room when he came to see me.

‘Did you finish the progress report’ he asked.

‘I am still working on it. Should be done by tomorrow’ I replied and made sure I made eye contact with him.

‘Do you know that you got a nice black eyes, has someone told you about it?’ he said.

‘I have seen better ones’ I replied.

He came close to me and touched my shoulder. I stand up and our lips almost touching. He kissed me and I let it happen. I like his touch and his smell. Before I could think of anything else, he pulled my pants down and took his penis out. It was solid as a rock.  But it wasn’t that big. He put my hand on his penis and moved it back and forth. I knew where this was going. I didn’t really do anything to excite him further. That’s when he bends backward me and switch sides. I had enough of this. I pushed him aside.

‘You know Danushka, I am not just a dick guy. I like ass too’ I thought that was clear enough.

‘Oh its too bad. I don’t give. I only take’ he was angry.

‘Well then we go our own way’ I said.

‘Do you know who you are talking to?’ he said.

‘Do you think I care?’ I didn’t want to go down quietly.

‘What did you say’. He was on me in a flash. But I was ready for it. He grabbed me from my shoulders and thrust his penis between my legs. People are weak when they are driven by sexual desires. Because most of their energy gets burned doing sex. I gathered all my strength and pushed him over my desk. He was on the floor and his face had a surprise look. Finally he came to his senses and left my room. However, I didn’t feel like I’d won this war. So I went to his room.

‘Hey, you are okay’ I asked.

He didn’t say anything. But I could see his blank eyes fixated into infinity. I rubbed his head gently. His hair was soft. He stood up and started kissing me again. But this time, his hands gently wrapped around me from the behind. Ah that’s what I like.

‘Do you want to come to my place tonight’ I asked him.

He thought about it for a while and we drove to my apartment. We bought some food on our way since both of us were starving after that struggle. After taking bath he came to me. We started kissing and my phone buzzed.

‘Wait’ I told him.

It was Jerome. He wanted to know if he can come to my place tonight. Tomorrow is Saturday so we don’t have to wake-up early. I looked at Dnushka. He was watching TV and checking his phone. I think his phone was switched off all this time. I couldn’t think of what to say to Jerome. I text him back.

‘Hey I am not feeling well today. I will call you when I am feeling right’ I lied.

‘It’s okay, do you want me to bring some medicine’ he text back.

‘I took Panadol. So should be okay by tomorrow. Got to sleep now. Have a good night’ more lies from me. I am a coward, dint I tell you that already.

‘Have a good night. Hugzz’ he replied.

I switched off the phone and got to Danushka.

‘Wow, yours is big. I wouldn’t imagine by looking at your body that you got such a big tool’ he said smiling.
He was in full nude when I went there and we didn’t waste any more time getting into action. That was our first night and we shared everything we did equally, in every way. He did struggle in the beginning but towards the end, Danushka seems to enjoy his new experience.  Soon after it was over, we fell asleep. Danushka wrapped his arms around me. It felt good. It doesn’t matter what he did with Thiwanka the other day, I thought. I was not ready to judge Danushka for doing sex. When I woke up in the morning, he was gone already. I called his phone but it was switched off.  I was hoping to see him in the morning. Maybe next time, I thought. I didn’t want to wake up from the bed. It still has his scent. Is this the guy, I was looking for? I was lost in two worlds between Jerome and Danushka. Jerome loves me from bottom of his heart and would do almost anything for me. We never started as lovers and love found us whenever we needed. I am not so sure about Danushka though, or if he has feelings towards me. Anyway It’s far too early to think about those things now. I barely got to know him and the best I could do is enjoy the moment. There is something raw that I like about Danushka. It could be his aggression and roughness on the bed. Jerome was far more gentle and refined when it comes to courtship. He never imposed anything on me and we did things with mutual consent. Doing sex with Jerome is like dancing. Everything happened at the correct time and there is a flow to it. But with Danushka, It was chaos and unpredictable.  Danushka was more like a one way train but I was able to stop that train today. I stayed back on the bed thinking about last night. Suddenly I remembered Jerome and switched on the phone. He has sent dozens of messages asking about how I was feeling. I text him back.

‘Sorry I went to bed early last night. Can you come to my place tonight?’ I sent him a text.

‘Sure, I am working today. See you in the evening’ He replied.
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