One I Remember

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One I Remember

Post  darknoon on 2015-12-23, 5:41 am

Hashini had chinese food brought over for Saturday night dinner to celebrate my new job.  Jerome was also invited.  I sat next to Jerome and girls were on the opposite side of the table. For an outsider, it looked like two couples having dinner, except the ‘definition of couple’ is different in this scenario.  I saw Nilukshi was looking at Jerome few times secretly. I have seen this many times. Most of the girls we meet go crazy when they see Gerome. His light blue eyes and copper curly hair is enough for most people to start fantasizing about him. Other times, it’s his charming personality mannerism that brought him to the attention. He knows people look at him with hungry eyes. He rarely brags about it and when he does it’s just with me to tease me up. Hashini introduced Jerome to Nilukshi and told her that he is like a brother to me. He is lot more than brother, I wanted to tell. I told them details about my new job and also about 3 months probation period and what I am going to do if they still don’t like me.

‘This Danushka guy, I don’t think he is bad as he seems. I heard that he had been in this position for some time and people with attitude cannot succeed at this level. You need polished interpersonal skills when you are a manager. I think he just made-up this whole drama to test you and see if you would give-up. It’s good that you were able to convince him’ Jerome said.

‘I am not sure if I convinced him, but I got the job anyway. I have to report him on Monday morning at 8.30. If this works out, I was thinking of finding a room closer to my office so I can avoid travelling back and forth’ I said.

‘You have thought about these already?’ Hashini seems sad.

‘I mean, not a fancy place, a one room apartment would do’ I replied.

After we finished eating, Hashini called Jerome to side and began a conversation. I was asked to leave them alone. What would they be talking I wonder? From the distance it seems Hashini was talking very passionately about something and Jerome was listening and occasionally nodding.  This thing was going on and on so I decided to chat with Nilukshi. She was clearing the table and I joined her.

‘Are you settled in now?’ I asked her.

‘It’s not bad now. In the beginning I was bit home sick. This is my first job and I am getting a decent salary here. So can’t really complain about any of that. Next weekend Hashini and I going to my place. She said she needs a small break from this busy life. So I suggested that she should visit my village and stay at our place’ she said.

‘That would be nice. How come I wasn’t invited?’ I teased her.

‘I am so sorry Randika, sure you can join too. But I wasn’t sure you would like to stay in a small village like ours’ she was apologetic.

‘I was just kidding. You know already my favorite place to go to relax. I like the sea and listening to the sound of waves crashing’ I said.
Finally the meeting was over between Hashini and Jerome. Jerome was about to leave. His father was not feeling well he told me. I was inspecting his face to find out a clue that might indicate what the discussion was about. But there was nothing strange in his face. I couldn’t wait anymore. So I started walking with him to his place.

‘So what was that all about’ I asked.

‘Nothing you should be worried about’ he replied.

‘That wasn’t my question though’ I said.

‘I cannot tell you what she told me. I made a promised to that. But what I can say is that there is nothing you should worry in what she said’ he voice was firm.

There is no point pressing him further. I thanked him again for all he has done for me and kissed him on cheek. It was pitch dark and there is no lamp post between the two houses. I often have seen couples here, looking for private time. We weren’t into that sort of thing. But Jerome soon found my lips anyways. I sensed his soft lips and busy tongue inside me. That was the longest kiss in my life, so far. I wanted more and inserted my hand behind his pants. I grabbed his smooth bum.

‘Jerome’ I whispered.

‘Not here Randi’ he said in a soft voice.

‘I am sorry, I didn’t realize where we were’ I was bit embarrassed.

‘Are you okay by the way? You seem stressed’ There knows how to read my mind.

‘I am bit worried about this new job. Whether I be able to do it, you know..that sort of things’ I replied.

‘Oh those..I bet you will be fine in few weeks. You know what they say about how to release the stress’ he was smiling.

‘What do they say actually?’ I pretend not knowing.

He gently inserted his hand inside my pants and found it hardened.

‘I think he is grown since the last time’ he said gently rubbing. Then he pulled by pants halfway and went down. He lips and talented tongue got busy down below. It was heavenly and I was lost inside his wet mouth. When I released he swallowed, tasting it slowly. You can only do it when you love someone absolutely, I thought.

‘Do you feel better now’ he asked when he stood up.

‘Totally, but you shouldn’t have done it Jerome’ I said in low voice.

‘You waited until it’s all over tell this to me?’ he joked.

I felt an immense amount of affection towards him. What have I done to deserve this much attention and affection from this man. He could have easily found a better looking guy or girl anytime and some of them would have treated him better that I do. They certainly would have taken care of him far better than me. I have to give him an answer sooner or later I felt. It is not fair that I play with his life like this. I sleep with him whenever I feel like it but later on I conveniently forget him. Whenever I was feeling down I found his lap and warm hug, but when I am feeling upbeat he is not in my thoughts. Despite all my mistreatments, he was always there for me. I am coward I told myself. One day I will resent dearly for my indecision and selfishness, I know that.

‘So I will see you around then’ he said when we finally came to his place.

‘Sure, I will call during lunchtime on Monday and update you’ I said’

‘Okay’ he said.

When I was just about to go back..

‘Randi’ he said.

‘Hey’ I replied.

‘FOREVER’ he said.

What does he mean by forever? I dint know what to say to that. More correctly, I didn’t want to say what came to my mind. Because I was not ready for it, I thought. I am never going to be ready. What else a man wants when he is given the very best? What more I am looking? I smiled at him and started walking towards our house.

‘Forever’ I said to myself when I went to bed.

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