Friendship, Love or whatever

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Friendship, Love or whatever

Post on 2015-09-14, 7:16 pm

Cool very simple friendly lad in early twenties, out and from Sri Lanka, a nature lover passionate on travelling and music. Looking for a decent young man for something more than just a hook up. I believe in Love so I dream of a simple romantic guy who will stay with me in my ups and downs. I have passed difficult times and have loved wrong people. I never regret that I fell for wrong people. I believe everyone I fell in love with have enriched my life and I hope I have done theirs too. Now mature enough to understand that it is life and I move forward no matter what comes ahead on my way. I might migrate in future because Sri Lanka is not the place if somebody wants to have a serious relationship with a same sex partner. Trust me or not, I am spiritual. I believe some decency and a loving heart can enlighten one’s life so don’t expect fancy things in my partner. I respect every single person I meet in my life regardless of the differences they make in this world. Try me… you will never regret my friendship.

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Re: Friendship, Love or whatever

Post  rayya1 on 2015-10-15, 10:33 pm

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